smooth surface, styling faces

coarse surface, contour surfaces
Very coarse surface, demanding casting symmetry

Coatings for gravity die casting separate the liquid metal from the mould and avoid thereby adhesions. At the same time they manage the heat transmission and influence positively the flowing behaviour during the filling of the gravity die. According to the requirements they also have a certain sliding property or help to achieve a particularly smooth surface.

 Thus, each coating has its specific features for all requirements: to hold or to conduct heat, to create smooth surfaces or to provide for a good flowability. Special coatings do protect ascension pipes or thermocouples or produce clean and smooth surfaces in magnesium casting.


Depending on the objectives, coatings need to have different characteristics:


  • Heat conduction with a black (high thermal conductivity) or a white (low thermal conductivity) CILLOLIN-coating.
  • Adhesion characteristics with strong bonding strength (glass structure) or weak adhesion with good sliding properties.
  • Flowing behaviour to avoid sinks and to guarantee an optimal filling of the form.