Quality has a long tradition at the company SCHÄFER Metallurgie GmbH. For more than 90 years our customers have relied on the consistently high quality of SCHÄFER products for the treatment of metal melts.

To meet the growing product requirements, quality assurance is considered along the entire value chain. The careful selection of suppliers as well as the responsible purchase of raw and starting materials is the basis of our quality pro-
ducts. During the production process we rely on qualified and trained employees, structured workflows and state-of-the-art facilities.

Since 2000 our quality management is successfully certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and it reflects the norm’s principle of a continual improvement. We develop our products further so that we are able to adapt and to react quickly to sudden changes of market requirements. Product innovations are also one of our core competencies.

Our services focus on the needs, interests and individual requirements of every single customer. This serves as a basis for all business relationships of the company SCHÄFER Metallurgie GmbH. Customers of our company are representations, resellers as well as companies which use our products for the treatment of metal melts in their foundries.

We exactly investigate the needs and requirements of our customers in every single case (order) to avoid queries and complaints due to insufficient information.

Our customers require:

• reliability (correct and on time delivery)
• flexibility (meeting the customers’ special needs and requirements)
• consultant (competent product information)
• quality (products of high quality

Furthermore, the customers of our company expect that we steadily watch the market and keep up with the technological progress, besides meeting their needs and requirements. Thus, we are able to forward the gained knowledge to them by integrating it in our consulting services.

Our Quality principles are:

• reliability towards our customers
• marketing security (products of high quality)
• market influence
• flexibility, the ability to adapt and to react quickly to sudden changes of market requirements
(proximity to the
• intensive support of our customers and continuous communication with them