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Products ensuring the high quality of the castings


The quality of the castings depends on the quality of the melt. The purification by PROBAT FLUSS products removes oxides, hydrogen and disturbing elements. The treatment of the metal surface by PROBAT-FLUSS or ARSAL® binds oxides and reduces the metal in the dross.

The grain refining by MIKROSAL and the modification by EUTEKTAL prevent hot cracks and increases the strength and the ductibility without reabsorbing gas.

The coatings CILLOLIN® ensure high adhering and parting capacity and the specific heat conduction in the gravity die casting (permanent mold casting). The products PROBAT-FLUSS EXTRA® and RAPPAD® ensure the purification of heavy metals without attaking the furnace and crucible walls.

A protective and reducing covering of the copper melt is obtained by PROBAT-FLUSS CARBON®. In vertical continous casting, FLUXIT® ensures the optimum covering and sliding properties in the vertical die (permanent molt)