The company SCHÄFER Metallurgie GmbH is a family business which was founded in 1919 by Josef Schäfer and is now owned by the fourth generation of the family Schäfer. Since the company was built up it manufactures products for the foundry industry.

In the post-war period the company expanded. Günther Schäfer, Josef Schäfer’s son, extended the distribution network all over Europe and concentrated on products for the non-ferrous metal treatment as well as on cleaning agents for the precision mechanics industry.

In 1991 his daughter Ulrike Heydemann, née Schäfer, assumed leadership in the company together with Dr Wolfgang Vogel as technical managing director. He is responsible for further development, consulting and distribution of the products.

Since then the company Schäfer expanded its distribution network all over the world. On top of that, new finishing processes and new metallurgical products were created as well as patented under the aegis of Dr Vogel.

Since 2011 Dr Thomas Klug strengthens the management and together with Dr Vogel, he is very active in the areas of research and development as well as consulting.

Dr Vogel has withdrawn from management in September 2013, but he remains as senior consultant with the company.

The participation of the company Schäfer in international research projects in the foundry sector/industry and the ISO-certificates emphasize the company’s ambition to be a leader in innovation and quality and to keep that position. Furthermore its strength lies particularly in customer care and customer service, simply

Quality out of tradition.