Our Services

Dr Thomas Klug, Dr Wolfgang Vogel and their team of specialists analyse and document the causes of defects that may occur in castings as for example fractures or leakage and – if desired – develop common solutions as well. They also do series tests to determine the degree of modification (sodium or strontium) and to define cavities (shrinkage holes and pores) and phases.


Microstructural examination

Certainty about the degree of impurity/modification is obtained by testing the microstructure. Shrinkage holes and pores are discovered. The test gives information on phases and analysis the heat treatments. Thus, it is possible to state the solidification time and the uniform distribution of phases.


Metallographic specimen

Microsections visualise the inside part of a casting. They analyse sections on the surface or in the centre and show the solidification situation of chills, mass accumulations and gates.


Drawing up of metallurgical reports

In our metallurgical reports we document the quality of a melt, discuss the success of a modification or grain refinement, determine the degree of a heat treatment and provide a detailed picture of a casting.


Damage analysis

As part of the damage analysis we look for the reasons for the casting’s defect. We discover casting mistakes and show ways of avoiding them in future.