Pressure Die Casting

Continuous Casting

Sand Casting

Gravity Die Casting

Hypoeutectic AlSi alloys G-AlSi8Cu3, G-AlSi10Mg, G-AlSi7Mg G-AlSi12 and G-AlZn10Si8
Near- and hypereutectic AlSi alloys G-AlSi12, G-AlSi18CuNiMg, G-AlSi17CuNiMg
Low Si alloys ; G-AlMg3, G-AlMg3Si, G-AlCu4Ti

PROBAT-FLUSS Lunkerpulver 200
Agent for the application on the feeder of the aluminium casting part to increase the feeding effect. Applicable for all casting alloys in the sand casting


PROBAT-FLUSS Lunkerpulver 200

  • is an exothermically reacting powder
  • develops much heat keeping the metal liquid over an extended period of time
  • impedes the cooling down of the feeder on the surface
  • impedes the shrinkage hole formation
  • can be easily removed after the reaction
  • is of very low smoke emission


Appearance: dark red powder

Odour: odourless

Reaction temperature: ex approximately 600°C (higher temperature accelerate the reaction)