Pressure Die Casting

Continuous Casting

Sand Casting

Gravity Die Casting

Hypoeutectic AlSi alloys G-AlSi8Cu3, G-AlSi10Mg, G-AlSi7Mg G-AlSi12 and G-AlZn10Si8
Near- and hypereutectic AlSi alloys G-AlSi12, G-AlSi18CuNiMg, G-AlSi17CuNiMg
Low Si alloys ; G-AlMg3, G-AlMg3Si, G-AlCu4Ti

Gravity die casting is particularly economic in respect of the casting of high quantities. This casting method enables an adjustment of the mechanical values by the metallurgy. The higher solidification speed – compared with the speed of sand casting – normally leads to a denser structure and to a high level of dimensional stability.

The dense feeding, the fluidity and imaging process, i. e. whether every edge of the casting part is casted, in the gravity die can be influenced by thorough melt treatment and targeted coating with CILLOLIN.

Cleaning of non-metallic impurities and inclusions as well as to reduce the proportion of metal in the dross

Modification to achieve higher strength and extension values in the casting part

Grain refining to improve the feeding behaviour and prevent the formation of pores, shrinkage cavities, sinks and gas permeability.